The Top Locations in Bangkok to Buy Property

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A lot of investors choose to buy property in downtown Bangkok and while this isn’t a bad investment approach due to having everything on one’s doorstep, there are still plenty of alternatives. The good thing about Bangkok itself is that it has a very good railway system, so even buying property on the outskirts of town could be a lucrative opportunity. If you’re currently on the lookout for property in Bangkok, have a look at some of the top locations below to ensure you get the best chance of making an investment that pays off.

Consider a Property Agent Before Investing

It’s easy to get excited about a new property investment opportunity, which means not thinking with your head can often lead to bad decisions. However, by having a good property agent by your side, you can look at properties within a specific area that have already been successful among tenants. Such agents will also look after your finances for when you’re out of the country and will undertake all the administrative duties to ensure tenants are always looked after and there is always someone renting your property, keeping the money flowing in.

Siam & Chit Lom

Now, as you might be an investor looking to get tenants in straight away, you may look towards Siam & Chit Lom as the answer. This particular area is popular among expats, so finding someone that can easily afford your rental bills shouldn’t be too difficult. It is at the higher upscale end of properties in terms of being relatively new and furnished, but the profit margins on rent available are reliable. You can find new tenants within days to occupy your new investment, leaving you with nothing to worry about.


The prices of one-bedroom condos in this particular area of Bangkok are eye-watering, but what you’ll get in return is a property that’s located in a commercial area, leaving you with the best chance of finding the highest paying tenants. Property is especially in high demand in this area of Bangkok because property owners have easy access to the BTS station, meaning they can get to most places in Bangkok by using the railway. It means tenants are willing to pay more for properties because of the convenience of accessing the BTS station.

Phra Khanong

Phra Khanong is based on the outskirts of Bangkok, so it’s not the most popular among expats, but it still could be worth looking at for property investment. You can actually travel to Asoke by foot from Phra Khanong and, as the prices of properties in this area are considerably lower than Asoke, it could be an investment that pays off.

Of course, there are thousands of properties in and around Bangkok that are like diamonds in the rough, so you don’t need to just look in the most popular areas to ensure your investment is covered. Asoke and Siam, along with Thong Lo, however, could be your best bet of making more money in the short term, as you’ll have access to many more expats who are willing to pay more for the best locations.

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