The Ultimate Guide About Steamboat Food

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Steamboat is mainly a Chinese-style hotpot. Here one can cook raw fish, meat, as well as vegetables in the boiling broth at the table. This is also known as the hot pot. The food that is being cooked in the steamboat cooker mainly heats the broth for a particular duration. Some of the important facts about steamboat seafood have been discussed in this article.

Important facts to know about steamboat cuisine


For communal dining, it is necessary to prepare this list of equipment for the steamboat. Below are some of the essential equipment necessary to complete a steamboat meal.

  1. A hot pot: It is necessary to select a pot that is mainly wider in comparison to its depth. This is mainly needed for easy cooking. It is necessary to choose the vessel which must contain at least 2 liters of broth if possible.
  2. Stove: It is necessary to select an electric or induction cooker, or an easy to move butane burner.
  3. Long chopsticks: This is mainly required to transfer the ingredients
  4. Personal ladles and the strainers: This is mainly for the soup
  5. Personal tongs: This is mainly for the ingredients.
  6. One set of steamboat dipping sauce bowls, plate, main bowl, as well as cutleries for each of the guests.

Steamboat Food

Top ingredients of steamboat cuisine


Steamboats are eaten throughout East Asia. This is where ingredients are mainly cooked in the simmering pot of broth at the table, usually communally that is similar to a fondue. Seafood can mainly add richness to the soup. Soft crustacean shells as well as heads are mainly the important ingredients to bring out that taste in the soup. The cooking of seafood mainly requires more prep time as most of the seafood requires a lot of cleaning and fileting. Below are some of the commonly used seafood used in steamboats:

  1. Salmon slices
  2. Tilapia slices
  3. Red Snapper slices
  4. Soon Hock slices
  5. Cod thick slices
  6. Dory Fish slices
  7. Fish balls
  8. Fish paste
  9. Fish cake
  10. Fish maw
  11. Squid balls
  12. Prawn balls
  13. Large prawns
  14. Shrimps
  15. Squid

The Chinese New Year steamboat list is incomplete without the use of dipping sauce. There are many different types of dipping sauces one can use.

These are some of the important facts to know about steamboat recipes.

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