Things that make a hotel truly child-friendly

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Travelling with kids can be stressful enough, without reaching your hotel and getting the feeling that your little ones aren’t welcome. A hotel might state on its website that it’s family-friendly, but does that translate into the experience? Here are some things that families desire from a child-friendly hotel:

  1. Rooms for families with more than two children

Not every room will be able to accommodate this, but parents would love it if hotels dedicated more rooms to those with more than 2 children. If rooms can only accommodate 4 people, then families should have the option of interconnecting rooms and not be split up.

  1. Easier booking

It’s not also clear when booking online, how many people a room type sleeps. It is almost always difficult to ascertain this information and you more often than not receive an error message that tells you no rooms are available. That leaves parents not knowing whether they have to exceed the maximum occupancy level or the hotel is fully booked.

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  1. A kid’s activity pack at check-in

Having something for the kids at check-in would be a lovely touch. This could be something like a colouring book and pencils, a beach ball, a small game or a stuffed toy, for example. It makes them feel welcome, occupies them while you settle in and gives them a lasting connection to the hotel and their holiday.

4.Child-friendly recommendations

When you’re travelling, it’s not always easy to gather a comprehensive list of child-friendly activities in different areas. What would be really helpful is for a hotel to present parents with a page or two of details of the nearest parks, museums, aquariums, playgrounds and other local family fun activities. It wouldn’t take much work but would greatly enhance the visit of all families.

  1. Extra room space

The equipment that families carry for babies and toddlers can soon add up and somewhere convenient for this additional luggage to be set up would be incredibly helpful. While it’s understandable that this isn’t always possible, especially with older historic buildings, new hotels would do well to consider this when they dedicate space for family suites.

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  1. Child-friendly play areas

For hotels with a swimming pool, having one specially for children is a great idea or at least a main pool with a shallow section. Kids love the water, so you’re missing a trick if you’re not gearing up your leisure facilities to attract families. Providing somewhere for kids to let off steam is also important, especially for parents who wish to relax and enjoy a drink. Installing a play area outside is a great idea to wear out the little ones, as well as keeping noisy play outside the hotel. For Childrens wooden climbing frames, visit

  1. Kid’s food options

A casual eatery with a great kid’s menu is a godsend for travelling families. If the hotel has more formal dining, then a section for families that is more laid back is a good idea. It’s nice for families to relax while waiting for food to arrive without the added stress of worrying about cranky, noisy kids ruining the experience of other diners. A takeaway for eating in the room would also make a big difference.

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