Three ways to tell if you need to replace or fix your windows

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So, when was the last time you thoroughly inspected your windows’ overall condition? If you happen to have windows that are aluminum or have wooden frames, you might not even notice the problem at all. Houses which are two or three decades’ old which have original windows are usually due for an upgrade, however, there are some ways to check out the condition of your house’s windows.

The well-designed windows have a variety of crucial roles which helps to improve your home’s curb appeal and it also increases the amount of natural light inside your house as well as helping to save more energy. If your windows are run-down and are already damaged, these will not just be another issue, but this will affect your home’s entire integrity and should be replaced if there are a lot of signs around that clearly tells that you have to replace your windows.

To help you identify the signs that you need new windows for your home, check out the outlined information below.

  • Increasing electric bills- You know when it is summer, you have to turn your air-conditioning on for hours, same as during the winter months where you have to turn up your heaters, however, this can be more frequent and you could force your AC and your heater to be used more often than before because it is just simply cold or hot. This is because your windows are already damaged and gaps are already developing which lets more temperature going in and out of your house which affects the overall temperature inside your house. You can tell if your window frames have gaps that cause this problem by lighting a candle near its frames, if the flame moves and flickers, it means that the frames have gaps and drafts which tells that you need to fix it right away or look for a company specializing on replacement windows.
  • Thoroughly check your windows- You should try to spend some of your time checking all your windows one by one by opening and closing it to determine if it smoothly operates or not. If it requires you some force and pressure to open, then it is maybe the time to replace it or fix it. The wooden windows, in particular, are the ones that get easily damaged and you can determine it by opening or shutting the windows. You should regularly check your windows as part of your house chores and check if there are any damages to see if it can still be fixed or it should be replaced.
  • Rotting frames and leaking windows- Probably the clearest sign that you have to replace your window is the decaying frames and the leaking window glasses. This will just get worse if you ignore it because this will only cause severe safety issues and will jeopardize your house’s entire integrity and can cause more issues to its surrounding areas.

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