Tips for finding the best restaurant on the Hong Kong

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If you want to find a great restaurant in Hong Kong, this can be a difficult choice, depending on the type of food you want and the level of service. There is more and more in Hong Kong, the biggest problem is finding the best restaurant for you.

If you search Google for the best thai restaurant hk, you will most likely get what the average tourist will look for. They tend to have very average food and high prices. The last thing you want is food that leaves you unsatisfied and not impressed enough.

So how to find the best restaurant in Hong Kong:

Where do the locals eat?

The answer is to ask the locals, find a place where locals eat, they will always find the best place with the best value.

Ask people who work in the hotel industry, they are always useful, and they basically have inside information and like to give recommendations. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out. When you are in a hotel, guest house or restaurant, ask the staff and especially the chef, if you have the opportunity, where they eat, they are the creators of taste and will offer you the best deals. Local taxi drivers always know where and where not to eat if you ask them well.

Social networks

If you are really stuck looking for an excellent place, social networks are always full of people who express their opinions about their gastronomic experience. Ask on Facebook, many people will express their opinion. Twitter also allows you to chat directly with people who have dinner there or who recently ate there.

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Avoid external photos

A good rule is to avoid any place with photos of your food outside or people trying to seduce you inside, the thai best restaurant should not announce that they are always busy, and you can often see people waiting for a table. These places must be reserved later when they are not so busy. Of course, some tourist traps are also busy, but they are always in crowded places, but they are obvious.

Look for the handwritten blackboard menu

A handwritten menu, or at least a sheet that shows the days of special dishes, indicates that the food in the establishment is fresh and original from the markets, and the chefs are proud of their creations, and not just products for the doughs made from dried or frozen foods.

When they discuss the surroundings, the locals will soon tell you how good the food and service are, or recommend another great place nearby.

Look from the main street

A great restaurant will add more value to the food and atmosphere, than to an expensive place. See what kind of people come in and even start a friendly conversation with everyone who leaves to get personal advice.

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