Try Making These SEO Tweaks for Better Results

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SEO is an ever-changing system, which means many of us are guilty of using old and outdated strategies that don’t work anymore. Making SEO mistakes could mean you pay a penalty on your search engine optimisation. There are big and obvious strategies like creating interesting and valuable content that isn’t over-optimised. However, there are some smaller tweaks you can make that may be considered subtle but search engines will love.

Fix Any Technical Issues

Technical issues that go unnoticed on your website can actually end up hurting your SEO, so it’s important that you check for any issues first. These could be issues like broken links, 404 errors, pages that load slowly and duplicate links. All of these can and will have a detrimental effect on the performance of your SEO for your site.

Creating a Great Design

Website developers will be able to assess if you have any technical errors with your website, but you may want to think about overhauling your whole site so that it’s more responsive. Having a responsive website increases its usability. Using professional SEO services London means you will be able to make any design tweaks needed for your website.

Analyse Your Site

A common tool many professional SEO services London use is site analytics. This will help you to identify which pages are getting the most hits and also which keywords are performing the best on your website. If you want to change these results, you can tweak the SEO on your site using professional SEO services London and optimising lower-performing pages to get more hits.

Mobile Optimisation

The mobile version of your site is just as important as the computer view. Most websites are now accessed using mobile devices. There are pros and cons to having a completely different website for mobile or adding to your current subdomain. But if you do have a mobile site, make sure to keep it fully optimised by using analytic tools.

Mixing Up Content

Short articles on your page may have an effect on SEO. Search engines love long-form content, so make sure to change the length of your blog content on a regular basis. Around 500 words will be the most effective, but you should write both long and short content.

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