Vintage Home Office Inspiration

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Whether you choose abstract painting or any other type of wall art, you need to know how to hang your pieces to have a beautiful decor and a comfortable attractive wall. One thing is to have striking art for your walls and another thing if you hang them in the wrong place or on one side of the wall. If you have photos and art pieces, you need to balance your walls to get amazing results.

The vintage beauty of the old-world carved doors, the romance of the rustic wood armor and the subtle hues of the charming colors make a vintage home office look classic. The rustic old doors recovered from the old Indian palace have been restored to the office desk and coffee table, bringing with them an eclectic bohemian feeling. Older arches of natural wood create spectacular wall mirrors or floor mirrors that add a dramatic touch and double the size of the house. If the office is mainly beige, you can pick up dark wood furniture for a contrast. A turquoise or sea blue sideboard is the perfect storage book or media console for a flat screen television. The mirrors that reflect the multi-coloured tribal dharma and negative energy served as tables, a throw from your travels to distant lands and different cultures.

Our universe provides us with the tools to guide us in the most difficult situations and we must always be willing to adapt to changing times and disasters. Necessity is the mother of innovation, and evolution comes close to essential change. The study office is an essential part of our home today. With the technology around us, we need to be aware of the electromagnetic charge emitted from our televisions and computers and how it interacts with our aura. Natural vintage wood consoles with earthing iron and brass nails can be used as printing centers and used to emit harmful ions, falling to the ground by metal and wood.

Stress management at home, when all your activities are confined to your home, your sacred place carries extra importance. Use the north-east corner of the room to create a natural altar with all the 5 elements of the earth, that is, of the sun, wind, water, earth and ether or fire. Acknowledge the presence of the Absolute Spirit by lighting your favourit potted plant, Sri Yantra crystal or bead, a copper jug filled with water and a candle for essence. A calm repetition of mantras, and canvas paintings calms the mind down, reduces anxiety and stress and relieves negative thoughts by three to four folds and brings focus into your daily lives and routine. Strengthen your aura and bring happiness, health and prosperity in your life. Keep you mood coll with world famous top paintings in your room

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