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At present, the podcast become a newest craze among the internet users. They are always searching for the improvements as well as extra features that can enhance their online surfing experience. Even the experts approve that the podcasting is a latest and great way to be perceived and also receive your message across more efficiently. But still some people think that these podcasts can only be heard via iPods. However, the fact behind is that you do not want iPods anymore, rather all you need to have is either a system with reliable online connection or a MP3 player. If you are the first time user and looking for the latest surf podcasts, below are your top picks such as:

Surf splendor

When it comes to the surf splendor, there are several episode themes hosted. On this podcast, you will surely listen the long term interviews in its wax on episodes, surfing series and the entire latest surfing gossip on its determination. Of course, it is one of the best surf podcasts for the surfers who love to obtain in-depth into the entire aspects of surf industry as possible.

The KyleThiemann show

If you are in the talkempire of surfing, you will definitely identify the Kyle Thiemann for its frank stories and documentaries on pollution. On this podcast, he interviews some of the world’s famous surfers who have more inventive minds and also even few episodes where he discusses with a relationship trainer.

The wire

This podcast can be hosted by the fire wire surfboards. This wire actually drivesafar the fundamentals of surfing and also shield the topics such as making a surf brand, surf tips, inspiring day-to-day surfers and surf technology. If you are an enthusiast of podcast listener who would like to study something, obviously, this wire is one of the greatest podcasts everywhere.

Surf simply podcast

This surf simply podcast is possible one of the most polished surf podcasts, which usually discusses on the entire surfing things. The hosts can frequently chat with the oceanographers, professional surfers, marine biologists and popular names in a surfing field.

The carve up surf show

The carve up surf show provides different kinds of topics about the latest books, the latest surf tech, Australian competitions, ocean management and WSL activities and more. However, these hosts are very appealing and keep it tangible, when it comes to discussing about what is going on in a competitive track.

Surf mastery

If you are searching to develop your surf knowledge, you can simply listen to the few hours of entertaining as well as educational episodes on this latest surf podcasts mastery that are certainly to assist. Here, most of the episodes refuge the following things such as technique, training and nutrition.

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