Website testing process: what you should do

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When the website is developed, many tests are carried out from the beginning of the development until the final launch to the public. If you are involved in website development, it is important that you know how to ensure that the website is tested correctly before it is launched and that you avoid problems that in turn can cause problems for potential customers.

The website is the main product in the world, and due to the fact that so many different packages are being developed, the competition is very fierce. This makes it even more important that you are sure that your website is reliable, functional and secure. One of the most important tests that your website must pass before it can be released to the general public, especially if the website performs commercial functions, is the security test. Taking into account all hacks, hacks and viruses in the world, especially in large companies, it is very important that all website is properly protected against outside intrusions.

Website test cycle

Another way to ensure that your website is tested correctly before launching is to make sure that it goes through the entire website test cycle, from the alpha test to the beta test using validation (is the website done correctly?) And validation ( Is this the correct website that is requested?) Test methods. You must test individual website modules, a process called unit testing, to ensure that each module works correctly. When they come together to create a larger entity, they are tested again to ensure that they continue to work and function as a whole and individually. At this point, website integration tests should always be performed. Do not assume, because the units worked well individually that would work well when combined.

If the problem occurs after the website has already been successfully tested, after solving the problem, be sure to run a regression test to ensure that the website continues to function as it did before the correction. This is often when it finds a malfunction. Performance tests are performed to ensure that your website works the way it was designed. Functional tests are carried out to ensure that each individual website function works both independently and in groups.

Compatibility and usability

Compatibility and usability must also be 먹튀검증 verified before launching the website. It is important that the website is fully tested to determine the load and traffic flow. Nothing will give a dissatisfied customer faster than a website product that moves too slowly to function properly.

When the website has been successfully tested with all the important tests, put it in beta so that other customers can try it and make sure there are no problems or errors. If this happens, it is your chance to fix the website so that it is satisfactory until the final version.

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