What are Memory Gel mattresses and Why choose Memory Gel

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The memory gel mattress was created to obviate the characteristic of memory foam which, by retaining too much heat during the hours of use, can be uncomfortable; Alternative memory foams were immediately developed, up to the most modern version in memory gel.

This guide describes in detail what memory gel mattresses are, the characteristics of this material, the composition of the various mattresses produced and all the advantages and disadvantages of this new generation mattress buy cool gel memory foam mattress singapore.

The mattresses gel memory are known as ‘third-generation foam mattresses. This is because they are the most innovative type of memory mattress as they are able to shape themselves faster than traditional memory foam layers, which offers a feeling of greater comfort when you lie down.

But the real innovation is given by the refreshing sensation that this mattress gives to the body. In fact, thanks to the gel infusion in the memory foam layer, the heat does not get trapped inside the mattress, clearly improving breathability, thus offering a sensation of remarkable freshness.

Buy Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Singapore

Memory gel mattresses are especially recommended for those who live in areas where the temperature is hot for several months of the year. In these cases, instead of using a classic memory foam, sleeping on a memory gel would definitely lead to better sleep.

Gel mattresses have so many advantages. They are appreciated for their excellent comfort and high breathability. They are mattresses that meet all those people who complain that normal memory foam mattresses are too hot while, gel-infused mattresses are cooler because they have better air circulation, which allows body heat to escape. instead of trapping it inside the mattress.

In addition, memory gel mattresses, compared to traditional memory foam, mold faster to the pressure of the body and return more quickly to their initial shape after removing the pressure of the body. This means that for those who move a lot during sleep, the mattress will not remain ‘stuck’ in the previous position after moving, but will quickly mold into the new position.

This aspect gives rise to memory gel mattresses extra satisfied, reducing the ‘blocking’ impression that few population complain of with ordinary memory foam beds. For this feature of returning to the original position faster, it is very close to latex mattresses.

Why not choose Memory Gel

The memory gel is a latest-generation mattress, to which it is difficult to find disadvantages. However, a lot depends on your needs and sometimes it can happen to prefer another type of mattress.

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