What are the different kinds of masks available in the market?

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The safety of our health depends on us. At the time of an epidemic, it is the responsibility of every human being to save themselves from the disease. Some viruses that are air born or the contagious diseases and flu spread through the air, cough, spit, talk, and sneeze. To stop spreading these diseases the people are suggested to wear the facemask. Facemasks are a kind of coverage that covers the face and prevent any virus from entering via a respiratory system. Today there are unlimited designs of masks are available in the market. A large number of licensed companies opens Facemask for Sale on their online and offline store. Wearing a mask on a place where infection already exists you should keep hygiene around you along with wearing masks.  The organizations that work for controlling diseases and preventions recommends people to wear the mask in the following four situations:

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  1. If you feel any infection of the flu.
  2. If you are residing at the high-risk place of disease.
  3. If you are professionally connected with the healthcare department.
  4. You look after a person who is already a patient.

It is being considered by most of the people that wearing only a piece of cloth is a lot to save them. But the fact is this kind of cloth piece only saves you dust or pollution they do not guarantee to save you from the viruses. There are different kinds of categories in facemask that protect in various ways and stop spreading bacteria and viruses to enter in our body. Many counties have made it necessary to wear the mask in offices and public places. The Pennsylvania Face Masks rule for wearing in public and office place is mandatory for all the citizens. The variant categories of facemask involve:

  • Cloth piece face mask: These are the most used facemasks by the people in the world. they are formed with a regular cloth piece and is used to protect the people when going for shopping or room around, etc.
  • Surgical face mask: These masks are formed with disposable material. They are very thin and used for only a single time. These are very common masks and are easily available at every medical shop.
  • N95 respiratory mask: These masks are used for selected peoples who worked to handle the contagious patients. They are specially designed for healthcare people. It can stop the effect of viruses and bacteria around 95%.
  • Full face respirator: This kind of mask helps those people who feel suffocation in wearing cloth piece or surgical masks. The people who are acing any disease-related to the respiratory system are suggested to use these masks.

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