What benefits could the client get from REVS check?

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REVS is checking the latest inside information from the national PPSR and NEVDIS databases. They also supply the official PPRS certificates with all the accurate registration details of the following: finance owing, stolen vehicle data and write off-history. They also issue an on-screen summary so the clients can get the facts they need in seconds. It helps the client do a decision if a used vehicle has potential issues. It also supplies peace of mind that the seller is not hiding any important facts and issues on the vehicle that the seller sold. REVS check also aids the clients in cases  the vehicle  sold has an outstanding loan or else it could be repossessed and that could be a very awful unexpected thing to happen with client. Frequently, sellers never disclose the real issues of the vehicle had to the client.

Some important things the client must remember in buying a vehicle 

If the client is buying a used vehicle, it is the individual’s power to ensure that there are no hindrances, and the vehicle has not been reported as robbed or car napped. If the client buys a vehicle that has an issue, as the new owner, he would assume any remaining debt. Similarly, if the vehicle has been car napped or reported stolen, the client may not have any legal alternatives.

REVS check

How could a client receive the REVS check certificate? 

 As part of our REVS check, a PPSR certificate will be transmitted to the email address the client filed. The PPSR certificate is transmitted via email as a PDF attachment. The client will also receive an on-screen important statement of the PPSR certificate. Vehicles that are produced earlier than 1989 do not have a VIN.  All vehicles that are not registered or formerly unregistered may not remain in the national PPSR or NEVDIS databases, and will accordingly not hold facts such as write-off history, vehicle data that are stolen, the full details of the vehicle, and the details of the registration.

Are the information and data given reliable? 

All the VIN number REVS checks and do reports information that could be easily read and understood by the clients. The legitimate VIN record and PPSR certificate of the vehicle could only be produced by the official government body. The summary includes all vehicle past and present historical evidence the PPSR and NEVDIS collection of data. The data includes encumbrances, written of records, theft records, details of the registration, details of the vehicle, and the area of coverage.

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