What Does Black Lives Matter Flag Says?

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As soon as a child starts his middle school studies he’s taught about the rights of a citizen. He is taught about equality among citizens of a country and he’s is taught about the great history of his country, how great their ancestors were how they fought for inequality and how liberal their country is now. But is all that true? Are we living in a society where every individual is equal before the law? Does every person irrespective of their caste, race, or gender getting equal opportunities out there and not being told their limits? And Do Black Lives Matter?

This “is really” question has forced us to wonder is this happening in reality or is this happening in textbooks only. The question leads us to 400 years old history of the US on the cruelty against black people. The history of black inequality is as old as the colonial times. Many wars were fought against it and many people died. There had been many great people who bought about revolutionary changes for African Americans.

What is Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter Flag was the moment that bought all the African Americans together once again in 2013. The BLM started when an African American teenager Trayvon Martin lost his life because of oppressional racism against him. The movement has no official leader as of now. It is also popular on social media with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter.

Black Lives Matter was only set up to draw the attention of people about the racism on blacks in the US and not to downcast whites. It was only to support and upgrade weak blacks who were under the continuous oppression of whites.

The movement grew huge back again in 2020 after the death of another African American George Floyd. The people came out on streets to protest and people of many other countries also held banners in support of #blacklivesmatter. It became the largest movement on social media and had numerous supporters from every corner of the world.

Black Lives Matter Flag:

The Black and white flag of the US shows the unity of men and women the oppression. The Black American flag was made after replacing the red and white lines on the flag with the black and white lines which can also be an explanation towards the unity of black and whites in America. There is also a slogan which says “together we stand against racism and hate.”

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