What is a promotional code and how to offer it to your future customers?

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Promotional codes are a very important marketing tool for a brand, as it allows attracting new users or increasing the recurrence of purchases of those who are already customers through advantages or discounts. The promotional code is closely associated with the coupon concept, although they keep some differences. In this article, we explain the characteristics of promotional codes and how you can offer them to your online community to increase short-term sales.

What is a promotional code?

Promotional codes are codes that have a discount or advantage associated with them, such as ‘free shipping’, ‘free sample’ or ‘2 × 1’. Your benefit is applied in the purchase process when the holder of that code presents it before making the payment. This code can have several forms: it can be an alphanumeric string, or a set consisting only of letters or numbers, it can be a barcode or a QR code. The important thing is to be able to identify this code with a current advantage within the promotional actions of the brand. For more detail Clik here.

In the online world, promotional codes began to be used as sales promotion in e-commerce. Many online store creation platforms, such as Magento or Woocommerce, have tools to generate promotional codes. But apart from generating them, which can be relatively easy, the interesting thing is to look for an efficient way to distribute them in the online and offline channels of the brand or company, so that the offer is known and transformed into more visits and more purchases. For this, the coupon and code apps offer a good solution that we will show below. It’s about seeing examples of how promotional codes are and how they spread.

Coupon and code, how they complement each other

As an important note, point out the difference between coupon and code. Many times they are used as synonyms, more in the world of marketing. A coupon is usually a paper or digital image that explains the advantage of the promotion. Most coupons are discount vouchers with a defined percentage or a set amount, but they themselves describe the same promotional advantage as a code. The coupon is not usually the image that shows the benefit and does not have to be nominative, nor have an associated code. Currently, the coupon is the graphic element, be it an image, pdf, paper flyer, which presents the benefit of the promotion, and therefore, can be accompanied by a code.

If you can already communicate the promotion with the coupon, why use a code? There are several reasons to use codes accompanying the coupon, and of course, it is not always necessary. It will depend a lot on the nature of the campaign and the product.

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