What is the best timing for forex trading from India?

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The forex trading hours are connected with Indian Standard time (IST). The stock market opens from Monday morning to Saturday morning. The Indian Standard Time (IST) is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This is why the timings of both Indian forex brokers and European forex brokers vary from each other.

It is essential to convert the Indian time zone and trading hours into GMT. It can help you determine the best time for forex trading from India. There are generally four trading sessions all over the world. These four trading sessions include the Sydney session, Tokyo session, New York session, and London session. The timing of these sessions varies in the winter and summer seasons. Let us take a look at the different opening and closing hours of market sessions in the GMT zone. You can adjust the Indian timing by 5.5 hours.


Market Session Opening Hours (GMT) Closing Hours (GMT)
New York Session 12.00 PM 09.00 PM
London Session 07.00 AM 04.00 PM
Sydney Session 10.00 PM 07.00 AM
Tokyo Session 11.00 PM 08.00 AM


The timing in India depends on the working hours of a broker. Before trading, you must check if your broker also opens the trading on Monday and closes on Friday. In India, the market opens at 9.00 AM and ends at 05.00 PM from Monday to Friday. The forex market opens at 02.30 AM IST and closes at 02.30 AM IST on Saturday.

These timings are mostly followed by the European brokers. However, the U.S. market opens at 7.00 PM IST on Monday. You can adjust the GMT zone with IST because Indian Standard Time is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT.

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