What To Consider While Choosing An English School Singapore?

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Choosing an English school is not always considered to be an easy process. Various factors are to be considered, and it is easy to get involved in more important activities. This is why we came up with the essential information you should check before enrolling in an English school.

Hereafter are a few tips to choose an English school: 

  • Small class numbers on an average

Studying in small class groups always proves to be advantageous. Your teacher will, as a result, be able to spend extra time with you and solve your queries and questions. You will also be able to acquaint yourself better with your classmates. It is indubitably the best way for making new friends as well. The maximum number of students present in a single class would be 16, with an average of around 13 students.

  • Location of the school

Always look for a school that is located at a convenient location. You can opt for a school where classes tend to finish between 12:30 to 3:30 pm. This way, you will have an afternoon for yourself to explore more and more city areas. Also, prefer to have a school present at a central location, this will help in easy commuting and enjoy the city with the friends you make.

  • Services the school possess to offer

An english school singapore is not just limited to English classes. The perfect way to learn a language is by engaging oneself in many activities happening within society. Learning English after classes with various activities helps challenge a person to explore various situations. It is so much exciting and fun. A person can also consider activities such as internships, volunteering, etc.

english school singapore

  • Flexible study options and the programs offered.

Each student tends to possess a specific reason to learn English. A person, therefore, is required to find a school that offers him various programs that perfectly suit his needs, whether he is learning English just for fun and travel or for professional assistance. Always make sure that you choose a school that offers a diverse range of quality programs, as you might gain interest in some other course during your studies. Programs are tailored to suit a person’s set of skills and goals, which might range from advanced level to beginner level.

  • English only policy

Even when you opt for a school with a good mix of nationalities, you might end up encountering students who speak the same language as you. Although it tends to be easier to speak in your mother tongue, remember that you are here primarily to learn English.


Hope the tips mentioned above will help you make the right decision while choosing a perfect english school singapore.

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