Where can you find the best chocolates?

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To make their chocolates taste better or make them heavier, several manufacturers add extra ingredients. At this step, gluten and even some allergies are introduced into the product. Gluten is present in several chocolate varieties, including milk chocolate and chocolate powder, despite manufacturers striving to develop gluten-free chocolate that contains a high amount of cacao sin azúcar.

It’s possible that you’ve even read that they contain “trace amounts of gluten.” This indicates that components containing gluten also transit through the production chain that chocolate passes through, which suggests that it is not completely safe for individuals who suffer from celiac disease to consume chocolate. This phenomenon is referred to as cross-contamination. It is not common to be able to locate gluten-free chocolate that is designed specifically for use in dessert recipes, particularly if the chocolates in question are not 100% pure dark chocolate. For instance, Torras carries chocolate drops containing 60 percent cocoa that are sweetened with stevia as well as white chocolate that may be melted and does not contain gluten or sugar. Because it is one of the varieties of chocolate that is most ignored by many manufacturers when it comes to delivering an option that is acceptable for people with celiac disease, gluten-free hot chocolate is another one of Torras’ standout gluten-free goods. Consider Torras if you are looking for a bar of gluten-free and healthful chocolate that comes in more than 40 distinct flavors. According to one of our mottos, “it is normal to be able to eat chocolate naturally, and that is incredibly wonderful,” chocolate consumption should not be considered abnormal.

cacao sin azúcar

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On the market nowadays, there is a diverse selection of chocolate goods that do not contain gluten. Although chocolate in its most unadulterated form is not a source of gluten, the production process of many chocolate products results in the contamination of such products with gluten. Because of this, it is essential, if you have celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten, to be aware of which products can be consumed without risk.

When shopping for gluten-free cacao sin azúcar (unsweetened cocoa), it is critical to select a bar that specifically states on the packaging that it is free of gluten. This is something that can be said about all of our chocolates.

Even though certain chocolates may not contain gluten-containing ingredients, it is possible for them to be processed on the same machinery that handles wheat.

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