Which Sport to Practice to Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

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There are many sources of stress. It can be health issues, family concerns, financial problems, difficult time in professional life, etc. When controllable, stress is generally a good thing that keeps youfully alert.But when it becomes incessant andyou feel you cannot control the situation, stress can cause chronic disorders like anxiety, insomnia, depression, back pain, etc. It is well known that sport offers great benefits, including anti-stress effects. But which activity to choose? Here are the answers.

Nautical and Aquatic Sports

Sporting activities which take place in or on the water allow the body to relax thanks to the massing power of the water. This latter procures a sense of weightlessness which makes it possible to work all the muscles without feeling the notion of efforts. It is like your body iscarried by the water. Then, tensions disappear and you come out of every session with a good tired. It is ideal to promote sleep. Once home, you can complete the effects by doing some anti-stress intermittent breathing exercises that you can learn on this website.


Endurance Sports

Running, cycling or walking, these activities have the advantage of freeing the mind. You will be alone withyourselfto empty your mind while running or walking. It allows you to focus on the essential things and chase away all negative thoughts. At the same, it is an opportunity to breathe fresh air. During the effort, the whole cardiovascular system is activated, endorphins are released and at the end of the training, you will feel completelyrelieved.

Horse Riding

Because this sport involves collaboration with the horse that is a very emotional animal, riding requires you to know how to observe the horse’s behavior and tame your own negative emotions in order to avoid transmitting it to the animal. For this purpose, you must first be able to calm your stress, focus on the present moment and pay attention to your horse.


Yoga is the perfect sport if you want to focus and refocus on yourself, which is a very good way to prevent and heal stress and anxiety. It is as much a sport as a spiritual discipline. Thanks to its calming virtues, it helps you empty your mind and relax your whole body. This sporting activity is efficient to learn how to better manage stressful situations and put the unforeseen events of life into perspective. In the long run, yoga is also beneficial for relieving back problems.

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