Woodcraft Puzzles – Let Your Kids Learn When Playing

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True piece of Ugears collection of the wooden models is the exquisite Treasure Box for the jewellery or notes. The mysterious and most intriguing puzzle boxes, well known in various cultures and popular in the Victorian England, cannot pass our attention. The beautiful and recognizable Ugears traditional design puzzle give you Treasure Box the complete delight to your eye & food for brain. There are many more amazing designs like UGears hurdy gurdy puzzle and a few more in this range.

High Quality Design and Make

Delicate and carved work of the lid or sides invites you for getting the glimpse in mystery that moving gears conceal. Even though just one who will solve secrets of this puzzle-box can enjoy true treasure of the beautiful mechanics in action

One will imagine that to open this box, we would need the key – and key is there, well embedded in a carved lid. So, all you have to do is to take this out and turn its key clockwise. Even though, getting key is just the part of puzzle. For setting these gears in right motion, before you take your key out, you have to unblock this mechanism, which lifts this lid by turning key counter-clockwise.

When the secrets have come out and box gets opened, within you can find the small compartment for the jewellery, notes or other items. Ugears Treasure Box set will become an ideal present on own and– assembled by you –for having the mysterious gift for the loved ones. You are sure that your secrets and treasures are totally safe with this new Ugears Box in your home vault box.


Assembling Made Simple

Designed from the sustainable wooden materials this kit has everything that you want for the assembly: set of best-quality of plywood boards with cutout parts and full-color, step by step, simple to follow instructions as well as many spare parts inside. First thing that you notice while opening this box is sweet scent of wood. It is healthy and natural.  This model is made from the best quality of plywood tested by the experts laboratories and approved for the use in production of the furniture for kids. There is no glue or special tools required to put this model together. You may assemble this at your home on your table.


Thus, Wooden puzzles are described as the wooden bits that use familiar idea called “lock & key”, so you may accomplish different functions. There are many such kits to discover by using the packages that you will make various forms. One important thing is all these toys are actually made from the best quality of wood. Because of the best quality and level of satisfaction they offer, the kits are popular everywhere.

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