Best Australian International School In Singapore

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Are you having difficulty deciding on a place for studying between Australia and Singapore? After all, both places have a lot of benefits concerning beauty, tourism, studying curriculum, etc. Your query quest has come to end, as you can now enrol in Australian International School Singapore!

The school is located in Singapore, the garden city, and one of the best places in the world for tourism, while the school follows the Australian curriculum. Doesn’t it solve your query? Singapore is not just good for providing diversity to the students, but their education and habitat are also one of the best in the whole world.

Benefits To Students In An Australian International School In Singapore

australian international school singapore

Many international students face the dilemma of deciding their place for studying between Singapore and Australia. Australia has coasts, beaches, affordable city, and chill life, while Singapore can offer beaches, luxurious life, multiple tourist attractions, food, diversity, business, etc.

Overall students who are in this dilemma have the best solution here. A Singapore school that follows the Australian curriculum would be the ultimate choice. A student does not only get to enjoy the best lifestyle in Singapore but also the Australian curriculum.

The best part about this school is also something that it has always taken pride in finding and enhancing the unique qualities of individual students. It makes the best qualities of the student flourish.

The parent or the guardian needs to check the student-teacher ratio before sending their child to any school. This ratio in this college is 1:5, meaning, the college provides 1 teacher for every 5 students, while 1:6 for the secondary education. This is how the teachers can focus on the unique qualities of every student in the college.

There are no more than 12-15 students in each classroom. You can put your child in this college in his early years, as it provides education till the 10th grade. It follows the Australian syllabus and curriculum to help your child grow with international teaching grades.


School is the place that shapes the mindset and the future of a child. The kind of friends they’ll make in the school are remembered for their whole life, and the fun they’ll have are supposed to be the best memories of their entire lives. Therefore, you should not compromise in providing your child with the best school for their studies.

Now, if you are interested you can book a tour of the australian international school singapore at any time!

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