Clinical trials – information about them and how to participate

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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials, also called medical trials, refer to human trials or trials for medical research. There are many types of tests or experiments that scientists do to try to learn more about the human body. Some tests can be as simple as studying sleep and observing how people sleep or how they cope with lack of sleep, others include giving participants a small dose of a specific test medication like ELAFIBRANOR powder to see how the body absorbs it and what is the reaction.

What happens in the typical test?

A typical clinical trial will first go to an exam, where, as a rule, a blood test will be performed to make sure it has a normal level. You can also perform a simple physical control. Then, if successful, you must go to the clinic at the time of the study. The training can last from several days to 2 and even 3 weeks.


Are there pleasant conditions in the clinics?

The clinic often has good conditions to help you enjoy your stay and rest, until the tests are done; Kitchen facilities, pool tables, game consoles, Wi-Fi, reading areas are just some of the amenities available in the clinics.

Are the tests safe? 

There is always a risk in clinical trials, but these risks are often minimal; otherwise, the tests will not be signed by various governing bodies, which will provide a safe and controlled environment in these clinics. In most drug tests, small amounts are injected, which are enough to keep track of how the body handles them, but not enough to cause harm.

How much money can I earn in the test?

It all depends on the duration of the training; It can vary from 50 to 150 pounds in 2-3 days of training, up to 750-1000 pounds per week or 14 days of training, up to 3000 pounds per study for 3 weeks. Visits that qualify to see if you are really eligible to participate in the test are often paid between £ 50 and £ 80. In addition, these travel expenses are often also reimbursed to you.

How many tests can I participate in? 

Generally, you will not be able to perform one test after another, as clinics must ensure that there are no traces of medications from other tests in your system that may influence the results of the new tests. Clinics may ask you to wait up to 6 months before participating in a new study. Again, the clinics will be different and some of them may allow you to participate in the exam before, but one after the other is not an option.

Can I participate in the test if I have certain diseases?

In some clinical trials, registration will require people who only have certain diseases; People with asthma, smokers, people with certain types of diabetes.

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