iRobot Roomba 960 vs. 980: Is Roomba 980 Worth the Extra Bucks?

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After the release of the latest version of Roomba products, these two smart vacuum cleaners remain the best performing smart cleaners available. Today’s article will compare and breakdown the differences between Roomba 980 vs 960.

The breakdown includes the following:

  • Features
  • Usability
  • Cleaning performance
  • Designs

So, make sure to read this whole article to help you decide which robotic vacuum cleaner will suit your house’s needs. Ready?

Roomba 980: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Between these two robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba 980 is built with the latest technology of powerful motor that’s responsible for the suction power. Though, according to other smart home devices experts, you’re not more likely to see the difference between 960 and 980 when it comes to suction power. Both of the units perform very well when it comes to cleaning. So, if you prefer paying for a premium feature, then buying a Roomba 980 works for you.

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a larger battery compared to 960. It allows the device to run 50% longer than Roomba 960. Besides, it also has the latest carpet boos technology that provides extra power of suction ad cleaning medium to thick carpet dust.

If you live in a standard size of a house with less carpet on it, then buying a Roomba 960 is the best option. But if you’re living in a larger household, then purchasing a Roomba 980 would suffice.

Aside from longer battery life, and powerful motor, Roomba 980 also offers more accessories. The robot will run for an estimated of 120-minutes after recharge and can clean a 1,200 square foot area. To understand more about the particular concept visit this site right here.

The only downside about this smart vacuum cleaner is that it is a bit expensive compared to other versions of Roomba. Plus, the robot also creates a loud noise when used.

Roomba 960: Advantages and Disadvantages 

The popularity of generic robot vacuums that comes from another country has forced Roomba to create a lite version of 980, which is called Roomba 960.

Other brands like Xiaomi and ILIFE are making noise to the market by offering a product with competitive features at a lower price value. Despite the growing popularity of cheaper robotic vacuums, Roomba remains the market leader for the smart vacuum cleaners. Thanks to its fantastic performance and customer support they provide.

Roomba 960 comes with a competent motor power from the same version of Roomba 800-series. Though the 960 doesn’t have a carpet boost feature, it’s still capable of cleaning your carpet thoroughly. But the good thing about this smart vacuum cleaner is that the device is cheaper than 980. It also has an iAdapt 2.0 navigation system that can be found on Roomba 980, which makes the unit an efficient smart cleaner.

The bottom line is, Roomba 960 offers excellent value for your money as this device is also efficient the same as the 980. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a smartphone app, which makes it more convenient for users. Plus, if your home doesn’t have any carpet, Roomba 960 is a good buy for your household.

The answer to the question at the start of the article is “it depends.” If you have a larger home and you have a lot of carpets inside your home, then buying a Roomba 980 is worth the extra bucks. But if you have a smaller house and you don’t have any carpet inside your home, then 960 is a perfect choice.

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