Top Picks: Semi Truck Accessories

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Driving a semi truck, especially for long hauls, is a little like traveling around in a one-room home. You have everything you need, but it can lack some of the creature comforts of your house. Fortunately, a few Iowa 80 semi truck accessories can make your cabin just as enjoyable as any other home. These are a few of the top pick in truck accessories.

Seat Covers

Your seat is where you spend the most time in your truck. Even if you have the most luxurious seat on the market, it can get uncomfortable if it isn’t right for you. Additionally, it is easy to scuff up and dirty a seat you spend so much time in. The answer is simple: seat covers for semi trucks.

A leather and corduroy seat cover can give your seat a nice, luxurious feel while also protecting the fabric below. Alternatively, opt for a cover with extra cushioning to stay as comfortable and possible even on long trips.

Upgraded Marker Lights

LED marker lights are not only federally mandated, but they are also very useful. They help other motorists see where you are more easily. Additionally, they make it easier to see the top and edges of your truck as you navigate through narrow places. Of course, OEM marker lights aren’t always the best. Upgrading to some high-quality LED lights can make them far more effective while also letting you style your truck.

Semi Truck Accessories


Don’t let your food and drink get too hot in your cabin. A mini-fridge or cooler can help you store your snacks and beverages more easily. It can also help you avoid needing to stop for too many diner meals. Basic models can be as inexpensive as $100, while top-end fridges can exceed $1,500.

Dash Cam

Some motorists don’t know how to drive around semi trucks. A dash cam can be necessary evidence if you ever get into an accident. The next time someone decides to cut you off to make their exit, you’ll have the proof you need. Dash cam footage can also be a fun way to share your travels with friends and family.

Reflective Vest or Jacket

Unfortunately, flat tires and break downs happen, especially when you drive for a living. Get a reflective jacket or vest to ensure others can see you if you need to stop on the side of a road. This is especially important in low-visibility scenarios such as nighttime fog and rain.

DVD Player and TV

Downtime can be one of the hardest parts of driving a truck. Keep yourself entertained with a DVD player and/or satellite TV connection. That way you’ll always have a nice way to relax at the end of a long day’s drive.

Start Accessorizing

Your truck cabin is something of your own little kingdom. Take advantage of the opportunity to accessorize. Whether you pick a TV, dash cam or seat covers for semi trucks, customizing to your own requirements can make driving a truck an even better experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of great accessories to choose from.

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