Unscrupulous Car Dealerships Caught Overcharging for Customer Finance

A recent investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has suggested that prospective car buyers may be overcharged by as much as £1000 when taking out loans for a new car. The discovery has been disputed by the Financing and Leasing Association.


In recent years, finance from car dealerships caused a rapid increase in consumer credit. This led to the FCA launching an investigation in April 2017. The focus was on identifying potential conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency in the motor finance system. It studied the contracts made between dealers and lenders from 2013 to 2016, as well as data from lenders between January 2017 and July 2018.

Personal contract payments (PCP) account of three-fifths of car finance arrangements. Prospective buyers may rent the car for a period of three or four years. At the end of this time, they have the choice of returning the car, making a residual payment to finalise an outright purchase or using that residual amount to help buy another vehicle. An average motor finance deal is for about £10,000.


The problem the FCA found was that the setting of interest rates on PCPs is controlled by dealers and brokers. As the broker’s payment is commission-based, it is in their interest to charge higher rates to increase their own profits. On a £10,000 deal, this could lead to the customer paying an extra £1000 across four years. In total, consumers may be losing £3 million a year.

On top of the conflict of interest, the FCA has highlighted concerns over transparency in car financing arrangements. Dealers may not be properly disclosing the nature of their contracts and the costs involved. This means they are not meeting the obligations they currently have under the law. Other legal obligations for those in the motor trade include motor trade insurance. Quote Me Today provide motor trade insurance, as do other companies.

The Financial and Leasing Association claims the findings are the result of out-of-date information.


Having identified these areas of concern, the FCA is assessing potential interventions it could make to improve the situation. These include strengthening current rules or outright banning certain types of commission. Until then, it is working with the individual firms identified in the investigation on reforms and hopes other lenders and brokers will review their practices.

The best shelving options for your home office

When setting up a home office, the shelving you choose can make a huge difference to the comfort and productivity of your space. Read on for the best home office shelving ideas that can create an effective home office.

Display Shelf

A display shelf can work to help you display important items while also organizing clutter. The linear design of a sleek display shelf works on a functional and aesthetic level. These types of shelves can have open spaces and compartments to create an artistic effect. This might be too modern for some people, but it is a great option if you want a contemporary office. John Lewis has a wonderful option right now called the Design Project.

Parquet Bookcase

Using a bookcase as a shelf is another great idea for a modern office. Ireland shelving can include iron as well as wood for the material, as metal can be lightweight. M&S currently stock a shabby chic version and this industrial look can be perfect for many offices. It holds stationery and files and leaves plenty of space for books and folders.

Ladder Shelf

An innovative idea is to use a ladder as a shelf. This can be propped against the wall and ideally nailed into place for stability. This type of shelf works for a minimalist room and is better for displaying rather than storing large items. You could use this for displaying plants, photos, certificates or other small pieces that need organizing.

Whether you are looking for an Ireland shelving company or experts elsewhere, you should easily be able to find a company to help with your home office shelves. Whatever type of shelf you want, you should be able to find the perfect solution online. When you have the perfect shelving solution, this can propel you to get on top of your office work. It can even help you formulate an effective home filing system, using the shelves as space for files.

Cube Storage Unit

A modern cube storage unit is perfect for displaying and storing all types of items. The design holds everything in its own cube space, allowing you to place drawers inside or leave them open. Ornaments can mingle with folders and photos. M&S stock a unit that comes in many finishes including beech, oak, white gloss and matte paint.

Effortless ways to acquire Online ESL jobs

ESL or English as a second language job requires teaching students of other languages and immigrants.  ESL teaching industry has expanded immensely over time and the market for teachers has likewise progressed swiftly. There are certain innovations that the industry has experienced and there are particular qualifications to become an ESL teacher. Read further to analyze; are you really prepared for online ESL jobs?

Changes in ESL teaching job

There is a traditional way to teaching which requires student and teacher to be physically present and teacher imparts knowledge to students through physical demonstration. With changes in the pattern of books, the teaching has transformed into online platforms. If you are looking for online ESL jobs, it is apparently clear that you know about online ESL teaching. Today’s demand is taking classes and imparting lessons to students through different online platforms. This may include; phone apps for tutors, personal websites, conferencing live classes, computer software based classes, video lessons and via company’s websites. To select the platform to impart your expertise totally depends upon your flexibility, schedule, traveling ability and payment criteria. Though the teaching methodology has changed, the basic learning remains the same; English.

Requirements to become an ESL teacher

Whatever modus operandi you prefer is your recipe, but be sure you are qualified for ESL job that you are searching for. Below are the requisites in relation to ESL teaching jobs:

  • Fluency and command over English and the patience to deal with the students who are absolutely unfamiliar with the English language
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree, masters will be obviously preferred
  • ESL training certification- There is a number of prestigious colleges having varied programs. Training will come handy for this job
  • Bilingual and multilingual teachers are always in high demand
  • One with certifications are considered as licensed teachers; licensed ones are approved by the majority of schools or companies
  • Experience is the key in any profession; the pay scale and demand does vary with this aspect

Secure online ESL jobs

If the skill sets discussed above match, there shouldn’t be many hindrances on your way to becoming an ESL teacher. There are a plethora of online teaching jobs in the online market; you need to research righty matching your own preferences as well. As you are already well versed with the online platform, the simplest ways are to- Sign up with English abroad websites, ESL job boards, online teaching companies, online job portals, social media sites, university portal, and tutor job portal. These are just a list of available options you can enroll to but in every segment, there are millions of jobs getting updated on a daily basis. So licensed teachers why postpone? Students are waiting for you!

China’s metal e-waste set to double, warns Greenpeace

These days, laptops and mobile devices are everywhere and constantly being upgraded, so knowing what to do with all the metal components inside discarded devices is simply good business. This is especially true when you realise that the value of recycled metal components in electronic devices in China will be worth more than £18 billion by 2030, according to the environmental activist organisation Greenpeace.

Huge market

China has become the world’s largest user of mobile devices, and the nation now has a growing awareness of the importance of recycling waste from electronic devices, also known as e-waste. Becoming more efficient users of e-waste will have several benefits for China, including reducing reliance on foreign and imported parts, driving down costs, and lessening the burden on the environment.

Caring for the environment is a growing concern in China. While photos of Beijing hidden in smog used to be very common, the government realised that air in the Chinese capital had to improve. The Guardian has an interesting report on how the city is cleaning up.

Extracting value

Greenpeace carried out some research with the China Association of Electronics for Technology Development that demonstrated that the value of recyclable materials in electronic devices was rising steeply, driven by increasing demand from consumers. The value of recyclable metals is projected to double between 2020 and 2030. A tonne of old mobile phones without their batteries can contain up to 270g of gold.

Other metals reclaimed from old phones and laptops can be used in other ways. They can be melted down, soldered or glued together. If you want to find out more about the potential of metal bonding adhesives, why not visit a site that stocks a large range of metal bonding adhesives with staff who can supply help and advice? Metal bonding adhesives encompass a wide array of solutions, and you want to make sure you get the right one for the job.

Electronic devices contain many useful components that can be reused in a number of ways. Developing capabilities to recycle these often-valuable components can have many benefits, leading to greater efficiency and reduced costs. Upcycling is good for the environment because it is less wasteful, and it also means less toxic waste is being dumped in landfill areas.



When you have to get the followers to your account there are various options you can try out and they are pretty much advertised every where on the online platform with a lot of promises of quality followers to be added to your account if you happen to take their services with a price tag of course. There are also tools that you can employ too. there ones you would just have to put in your username and get just get ahead with the paying and followthe next instruction on that page and you perhaps could track the results some time later to check whether  the tool employed and payed for has worked or not. It was noted after testing that more followers were added each time you opened or refreshed page of your Instagram. Learn to buy followers for Instagram.

Process of getting followers

Within a short span of time you can now have a seemingly a large number of followers in very short time when you resort to such methods. You will also see the reaction the followers give to what new content that you out as fodder for your new followers on your Instagram for them to consume and express their likes or comments which you would like to know, and you could guess the engagement that the content would do for them and this will just put you on the trail to Instagram fame which you were long waiting for.

buy followers for Instagram

You can raise the tally of your followers as you pay the price for it or stay satisfied at a certain number, the followers are replenished each time some of them disappear, they get reactivated, but there is no guarantee of the quality of the followers. The followers disappear from time to time and new ones appear and process goes on till your fees last for the tool subscription. This way of getting followers will also really be not fair to your real followers and there are a lot of chances that they get to find out sooner or later. Make use of Instagram followers.

If you are doing this for a brand, you would actually put the brand at risk by pulling out a trick like this to get followers for your account. Shortcuts have short life and your clients may not have the same trust in your brand if they find out what you have been up to. Even you get media influencers to do the job for you and the  resulting would be bot followers which wont really help you gain any stand with the clients is disappointing. Having real and loyal followers is any time better than thousands which don’t stand a chance.

How IKEA is Redefining the Customer Experience

It is hard not to admire the business model of IKEA. Their branding and marketing remains appealing, selling more than 12,000 single-brand home products in each store, all while avoiding overwhelming their millions of customers who visit every year.
This is all evidence of the meticulous and brilliantly planned customer experience that IKEA has in place.


One of the most positive aspects of the IKEA customer experience lies in consistency. When entering an IKEA store, you could be visiting any of their 424 stores around the globe. Customers never have to learn the layout of a location each time they visit a new store.

Upon entering, people are greeted by a kiosk, which can help those who know exactly what they want to purchase. Maps of the store are also clearly visible, marking where each department is located. However, it is often clear from this that there is only one route on which to enjoy the IKEA experience.

Strategic Rest Stops

Many customers discover that finding their way through IKEA is easy, with projected light arrows navigating the way through each department on the floor.

The world’s second-largest IKEA opened today in Svågertorp, Malmö

Halfway through their journey in an IKEA store, many people find themselves tired and in need of a break. It is no coincidence, therefore, that IKEA has strategically placed restaurants and rest stops for shoppers. With reasonably priced food on offer, even if IKEA fails to make much profit from its restaurants, the positive impact of food on customers is likely to pay dividends for the chain.

Showrooms and Showcases

IKEA is constantly seeking to innovate, as is evident in its latest opened store in Greenwich, London.

They are also famous for showcasing their products in a real-life scenario context within elaborate showrooms.

Scented Candles and Impulse Buys

In addition to thoughtful complementary mini pencils and paper tape measures strewn throughout their stores, IKEA have cleverly displayed hard-to-resist impulse buys and are famous for their hundreds of scented candles, which makes up part of the customer experience.

Scent marketing is extremely important when setting up a store, and scent marketing from Mood Media can help you strategically scent your store correctly.

As the sweet smell envelops them, many people end up adding more and more candles to their shopping cart, in addition to the other impulse buys that are dotted around.

Things that make a hotel truly child-friendly

Travelling with kids can be stressful enough, without reaching your hotel and getting the feeling that your little ones aren’t welcome. A hotel might state on its website that it’s family-friendly, but does that translate into the experience? Here are some things that families desire from a child-friendly hotel:

  1. Rooms for families with more than two children

Not every room will be able to accommodate this, but parents would love it if hotels dedicated more rooms to those with more than 2 children. If rooms can only accommodate 4 people, then families should have the option of interconnecting rooms and not be split up.

  1. Easier booking

It’s not also clear when booking online, how many people a room type sleeps. It is almost always difficult to ascertain this information and you more often than not receive an error message that tells you no rooms are available. That leaves parents not knowing whether they have to exceed the maximum occupancy level or the hotel is fully booked.

Image credit

  1. A kid’s activity pack at check-in

Having something for the kids at check-in would be a lovely touch. This could be something like a colouring book and pencils, a beach ball, a small game or a stuffed toy, for example. It makes them feel welcome, occupies them while you settle in and gives them a lasting connection to the hotel and their holiday.

4.Child-friendly recommendations

When you’re travelling, it’s not always easy to gather a comprehensive list of child-friendly activities in different areas. What would be really helpful is for a hotel to present parents with a page or two of details of the nearest parks, museums, aquariums, playgrounds and other local family fun activities. It wouldn’t take much work but would greatly enhance the visit of all families.

  1. Extra room space

The equipment that families carry for babies and toddlers can soon add up and somewhere convenient for this additional luggage to be set up would be incredibly helpful. While it’s understandable that this isn’t always possible, especially with older historic buildings, new hotels would do well to consider this when they dedicate space for family suites.

Image credit

  1. Child-friendly play areas

For hotels with a swimming pool, having one specially for children is a great idea or at least a main pool with a shallow section. Kids love the water, so you’re missing a trick if you’re not gearing up your leisure facilities to attract families. Providing somewhere for kids to let off steam is also important, especially for parents who wish to relax and enjoy a drink. Installing a play area outside is a great idea to wear out the little ones, as well as keeping noisy play outside the hotel. For Childrens wooden climbing frames, visit https://www.kidsclimbingframe.co.uk/.

  1. Kid’s food options

A casual eatery with a great kid’s menu is a godsend for travelling families. If the hotel has more formal dining, then a section for families that is more laid back is a good idea. It’s nice for families to relax while waiting for food to arrive without the added stress of worrying about cranky, noisy kids ruining the experience of other diners. A takeaway for eating in the room would also make a big difference.

Four attractive tips of choosing Animations Websites

Four attractive tips of choosing Animations Websites

Most businesses are currently using animated sites to attract customers. In fact, animations have gradually considered as a significant marketing tool; for instance,

밤토끼 is one of the best video game currently trending. However, it has never been an easy task to bring a sketched character to life. It requires skilled hands, and it’s why most people prefer the animation designed with a 3D style.

Since there are many claims of prominent sites in the market, choosing the right one is also challenging. Thus, you need to know the proper means of selecting the right one. The following are helpful tips that will assist you in finding the ideal one.

Ask the sample of their work

You can easily attempt to pick the shows that Animation Company displays their site. Thus, you should avoid picking that as your complete depending factor. If they’ve created any of the videos, try to watch several of them, or you request to see some of their characters. Once you’ve reviewed their work, you will be in a position to decide whether a particular company can deliver what you need.


Check the Testimonials

The best way to check geniuses of a particular product or service is through testimonials. You can do this by refer to the LinkedIn profile of that company. On the LinkedIn profile of the company you’ll manage to the ratings, reviews, and recommendation as well as the website testimonials

Find out about the Process

Developing a 3D animation character require advanced skills and broad knowledge but not just mention mastery complex process. A good animation website will always ready to offer a useful explanation to their potential clients.

The only issues with the most prospective client are that they always avoid going through the process, and that’s why they still make mistakes. The techniques of 3D animation usually involve complicated steps, such as texturing, modeling, rigging and much more. But you need to cram the entire 3D character procedures, all you need is to explain its basics.

Check your financial stability

Finally, you need to make sure you’ve clear all your expenses. Since you are the one who will be responsible for paying all bills, you have a right to ask whatever information you need to know regarding the company.  The 3D character notion often comes at a higher cost. But you shouldn’t take anyone’s opinion until you confirm it yourself.

A better way to get a good deal is by comparing their tariffs, but you shouldn’t choose a company just because it charges low tariffs. It is better to determine a higher cost but with good quality. 밤토끼 is an example of a quality 3D animation that you can refer to if you want to find out regarding the standard variety you need to consider.

Try Making These SEO Tweaks for Better Results

SEO is an ever-changing system, which means many of us are guilty of using old and outdated strategies that don’t work anymore. Making SEO mistakes could mean you pay a penalty on your search engine optimisation. There are big and obvious strategies like creating interesting and valuable content that isn’t over-optimised. However, there are some smaller tweaks you can make that may be considered subtle but search engines will love.

Fix Any Technical Issues

Technical issues that go unnoticed on your website can actually end up hurting your SEO, so it’s important that you check for any issues first. These could be issues like broken links, 404 errors, pages that load slowly and duplicate links. All of these can and will have a detrimental effect on the performance of your SEO for your site.

Creating a Great Design

Website developers will be able to assess if you have any technical errors with your website, but you may want to think about overhauling your whole site so that it’s more responsive. Having a responsive website increases its usability. Using professional SEO services London means you will be able to make any design tweaks needed for your website.

Analyse Your Site

A common tool many professional SEO services London use is site analytics. This will help you to identify which pages are getting the most hits and also which keywords are performing the best on your website. If you want to change these results, you can tweak the SEO on your site using professional SEO services London and optimising lower-performing pages to get more hits.

Mobile Optimisation

The mobile version of your site is just as important as the computer view. Most websites are now accessed using mobile devices. There are pros and cons to having a completely different website for mobile or adding to your current subdomain. But if you do have a mobile site, make sure to keep it fully optimised by using analytic tools.

Mixing Up Content

Short articles on your page may have an effect on SEO. Search engines love long-form content, so make sure to change the length of your blog content on a regular basis. Around 500 words will be the most effective, but you should write both long and short content.

Everything You Need To Know About Spotify

Everything You Need To Know About Spotify

Spotify is a new and innovative music interface that allows users to search and listen to music for free. Thanks to previously not mentioned options, such as sharing playlists with friends, listening to music with her on a mobile phone and easy synchronization with social networks such as Facebook, this is an easy way to incorporate music into everyday life.

If you have not yet joined, go to the Spotify website to register your username and password. After downloading the Spotify client to your computer, the fun begins!

Get audition

Use the toolbar to find any artist or song you want to listen to. Covers, originals and everyone who played this song in the Spotify database will be shown. When you find one you like, just open it! It will be easily available the next time you want to listen to it.

boost your Spotify

Chat with friends

If you are like any other social network user, connect Spotify to your Facebook. Having done this, you can choose which songs to share with friends, see who else is in Spotify and create joint playlists.

Do this by clicking the “Import Friends” button in the upper right corner of the Spotify application. Log in to your Facebook and follow the instructions; before you know it, all your friends will appear on the right side of your Spotify apps … from there you can see your favorites, your playlists, etc.

Start sharing

Once you connect to your friends in Spotify, create playlists to which they can subscribe. Every time a new song is added, you get a notification and you can listen to what you are listening to!

Another great way to share more than 15 million songs with friends is to use Facebook. Just click “Share on Facebook” in the left corner of the song you are listening to, immediately displayed in your feed. Adding a soundtrack to your Facebook for your friends and family has never been easier!

Choose the membership that suits you

Spotify has really reasonable prices for unlimited listening to music. Starting at $ 4.99, you can instantly listen to streaming music on your computer or phone without ads. If advertising doesn’t bother you, stick to a free account! If you are running out of musical time, consider switching to a premium account to continue listening.

Add a soundtrack to your life and boost your Spotify, wherever you are. If you are on the road with your mobile phone or computer, 15 million songs and their number will leave you satisfied.